You Can’t Change the World If Your Message Is a Mess

You know how hard it is to clearly communicate facts, information, and ideas to your target audience.

TechFleur solves that problem for entrepreneurs, environmental firms, manufacturers, professionals, and startup founders by  providing expert document management, substantive editing, presentation design, and training development services. TechFleur makes you look good where and when it counts.

Services That Support Your Growth


Expanding Your Capacity

Ready to grow but not ready to hire full-time staff specialists? Need someone to fill in when your tech editor or designer is unavailable? TechFleur is your virtual team member, ready when you are.


Solutions When You Get Stuck

Can’t fix the formatting in your Microsoft® Word document? Need a complex Excel® spreadsheet? Documentation project out of control? TechFleur finds solutions to keep your project on track.

fa-responsiveAndroid Apps

We have recently added information-based Android app development to our arsenal of tools. You can now provide value to your customers and be available wherever they take their smartphones.

Ready to Help You Deliver Your Message

TechFleur helps you plan, execute, and deliver meaningful, frictionless content for your target audience when and where you need it.